Samsung Galaxy S6 will come without preinstalled applications


There are few complaints when on mobile and tablets come preloaded applications manufacturers and then it is impossible to uninstall, especially with little storage terminals.So far there has been little terminals without preinstalled applications, but Samsung could take a firm step and change this trend.

As leaked, the next phone from Samsung, the Samsung Galaxy S6 will come without preinstalled applications . This gives great flexibility, it gives us more space to store other things that we consider most important applications not always going to use.


Another advantage is that this will allow better updates by not having to install applications TouchWhiz and devote that effort in key parts of the operating system. Obviously this is limited to applications that can be downloaded from Google Play.

Those that are not in the market for Google applications continue to go when the phone leaves the factory. Still, it is a great improvement that will allow the user more freedom regarding the applications must hold onto the phone.

Via | SamMobile