Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Home Button damaged easily.


Some users of the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge have complained about the damaged Home Button on their devices, and their devices can’t recognize ┬átheir finger print, as the glass used over those sensors seems to be scratched quite easily.

There have been reports earlier by some users but it seemed like the problem is more intense in some cases as their is no more finger print reader feature on the home button.

It’s not about a handful of devices but many models from many different countries. clear from complaints and pictures that both the S7 and S7 Edge have to do with and involves all two colors: black and gold. Many users say the home button after a few weeks is damaged. The operation of fingerprint scanner does not seem to suffer the damage.



It seems that the home button is covered with a glass layer which is less scratch-resistant than the type of glass that is used for the rest of the S7 (Edge). A solution is not (yet), and the wait is coming to Samsung in a statement. If the manufacturer has the problem may in future S7 (Edge) models are hopefully avoided, but there are no current users. Perhaps there is an exchange action put on line by then.

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