Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge is coming, Confirmed on Samsung official site.


So here are the confirmed news, Samsung all set and ready to announce the “The Next Big Thing” or “The Next Galaxy” on the 21st February, and its not the lone flagship the Galaxy S7 but the developers at Samsung are ready to announce the next version of their Galaxy Edge smartphone. So all the rumors regarding the Galaxy S7 to be available in two different sizes neglecting the announcement of a new Galaxy S7 Edge have been cancelled now.

Samsung has published some of the most anticipated images of the upcoming Galaxy S7 Edge side display which most of the users were looking forward to have some new features added in the upcoming Edge series device. The newly released event teaser seems to have the standard Galaxy S7 and the slightly bigger Galaxy S7 Edge.



So this image above beside the confirmation also shows some of the latest features that we can have on the latest wider new curly display which is regarded as the best feature in the latest Galaxy Edge Series devices.

In the box for “Wide type” and “Edge Single Plus,” we are seeing a wider panel that you should be accessible via swipe out when using one of those three Edge devices. You can see here that we are getting bigger sports scores, stock updates, system status (battery %, RAM, storage usage, and security), and a compass mode. That’s neat.

We hope to get more glimpse inside these reports. Keep in touch.

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