Samsung Galaxy S7 Specs, Release date, Price and leaked images.


Well readers you will surely get excited to know that soon Samsung’s new flagship is hitting the market. According to one news agency yonhap; Samsung has not declared when the bench mark of 10 million was reached, for you information the sales of Galaxy S6 and S6 edge started back in April and the date was 10th. However if we look back at the older models like S5 and S4 their sales of 10 million reached in less than a month.

The expected sales of Galaxy S6 and S6 edge were70 million for 2015 but unfortunately it seems if the sales keep on going with the same pace they would not be able to achieve this target by the end of 2015. The Samsung Galaxy S7 release date seems to be coming near. If they had to achieve this target they should have the sales of 8.6 million by the end of every month after the release of S6 and S6 edge, according to Kelly but in the related article the author convinced that this figure is not possible.

In the suggestions he said that now Samsung should launch the single Galaxy S7 features instead of launching two series at a time like in case of S6 and S6 edge, because it decreases the sales of both the models.

According to Samsung will launch its Galaxy S7 between Feb 22nd and 25th  but according to one other source they will release it in December but if in Feb it would release then by that time it is expected that Galaxy S6 would hit the target of 70 million handsets.

Now coming towards the features it is expected to have 6 GB of RAM, a 30 MP camera and a retina scanner and also 4k technology is expected with the screen resolution of 3840*2160 pixels and a cyclone HMP technology chipset, which  makes the Galaxy S7 Specs double the speed of Galaxy S6, it is to be kept in mind that nothing has been announced officially by Samsung and these are all the news through different sources these might be true and might be false but let’s see what happens next. It is reported that Samsung Galaxy S7 Price would be having a price tag of  $999.

Here are some more Samsung Galaxy S7 images we have gathered from online resources.

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