Samsung Galaxy S8 leaked case images could be the first true look of the device.

The image you see above has been published on a case makers site,Olixar Ultra which is said to be the ultra thin glass makers for the upcoming Samsung Flagship. The company Mobile Fun has listed the Olixar Ultra-Thin Samsung Galaxy S8 Edge Case for the device, and we think the images of the case could be based on the actual Galaxy S8 (or at least based on a very close version of the final design).

First thing that’s noticeable from the leaked image is the absence of a physical home button which has been spotted in all previous leaked images. Some reports are claiming that the fingerprint sensor has been moved to the back-end of the device allowing for the removal of the home button from the alleged device’s front panel. The other thing that you will notice is the Galaxy S8 design wallpaper with the number 8 showing the same style as one found on Galaxy S7 Edge.

Removing the home button has also made it possible to deign a device with smaller top and bottom bezels. It not clear on the alleged leaked image whether the home, menu and back button on the Android firmware are still available or they too have been replaced with new functions. This leaked image, appears to confirm previous leaked reports that Samsung will finally ditch the physical home button in its upcoming Galaxy S8 phone.

Of course, there is no way to confirm this, but should the Galaxy S8 turn out like this, the phone could be a visual treat. We just hope Samsung has built in proper palm rejection into the display, as the device would otherwise be an ergonomic nightmare in everyday usage. The lack of an iris scanner is suspicious, but it’s possible it could be the sensor right next to the camera (on the Note 7, the iris scanner was on the left side of the camera). Oh, and a 3.5 mm headphone jack seems to be missing as well.

Previous Leaked images :

samsung galaxy s8 leaked image

Another part of this latest leaked report relates to the release date of the device. According to some of the past rumors, the device was destined to launch in March, but this latest rumor report shows that it may be a bit later in the Spring that you will get to the official Samsung Galaxy S8 device in all its glory with mass production starting in March.

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