Samsung Glaxay Note III will have an unbreakable display.

We have already heared too much rumors about the Unbreakable glass coming to Samsung Galaxy S4, But nothing went quite right as Samsung still saves the glass orders for it’s next device the Samsung Galaxy Note III.

A report published in South Korean news firm Asiae suggests that the Unbreakable display will be one of the most importatnt feature in the smartphone world which will make all coming smartphone owners feel safe about their Bar-type phones. In other leaked news it has been believed that the screen will be measured 5.9-inches, and should be a flexiable one with a true HD resolution of 1920×1280 pixels.

Samsung galaxy Note III, Note III, Note-3, Note, Note 3, galaxy Note 3

Assuming the fact that no other larger phone with that measurement, having an unbreakable display will score big sales for the upcoming Glaxy Note III, and surely it is going to be a top choice for all those in the market for high-end bigger sized phablets.

Another feature that will make it more sale oriented is the availabilty of the next Android 5.0 version namely as Key Lime Pie. Google has already declared that this version will be the most fast and smooth one as compared to the old ones. The Samsung Galaxy Note III will likely to have a 1.9 GHz quad-core Exynos 5 Octa processor, which will surely make it the most powerful phone as 2GB of RAM will also be injected for instatnt operations.

The Galaxy Note III cold be officially announced by the Korean giant in September in scheduled IFA 2013 conference to be held in Berlin, Germany. The company currently focusing on Galaxy S4 sales, to achieve the targets. The current Samsung’s Note II phablet-phone has been sold well over 5 million units that makes it another success series after the Galaxy S seris. Galaxy Note III is also expected to be a hot seller and will make some records.


Here are some images of the device as the world make some sense of how Note III will be look like.

Samsung Galaxy note III, note 3, Galaxy Note 3, Note III, Galaxy NoteIII



Samsung Galaxy note III, note 3, Galaxy Note 3, Note III, Galaxy NoteIII


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