Samsung has to take risk and reinvent Samsung Galaxy S6


Samsung that comes from pearls hold more strongly in the input range is a fact. Place in the smartphones market with a relative high quality / price can help them fight the Chinese brands in markets such as China and India, which have a huge size and enormous growth potential. And it seems that they have already taken steps in this direction. The Galaxy Core Prime , who came to India in early December and seems to disembark in Europe before the end of this January , could be the phone with a high quality / price ratio you need the South Korean company.But we must not forget that phones that actually reinforce the brand image are the high end because they are those who “put on the table ‘which is capable of doing a manufacturer, and thus betray their capacity for innovation.

One Time cred  Josip Jakubiv Partcommunity Galaxy S6 concept-580-100

Tracks that have come to light about the upcoming flagship Samsung Galaxy indicate that the S6 will somehow a different path than its predecessors have come . If this shift finally confirmed it will be apparent that the South Korean company decided to rethink its smartphone star , with permission of Galaxy Note, to increase their added value, and thus make it more attractive and competitive.


All tracks we have, and that I’ve been talking in recent weeks, pointing in this direction. A few days ago an employee of the South Korean company confessed to Reddit using a pseudonym that improvements being introduced in the Galaxy S6 go far beyond the specifications . And it is very reasonable if you really want to differentiate. We all know that large manufacturers have access to the same components, or at least elements with very similar features, so it is very difficult to differentiate attacking only the gross specifications.

Apparently, Samsung is working on several prototypes of the Galaxy S6 pointing in different directions, so you can be fairly sure that, somehow, are launching a quite distinctive terminal, at least compared with the previous Galaxy S . It is rumored that could have a metal chassis, a screen with a curved side as the Galaxy Edge , both curved side; also a completely normal flat screen … They are obviously playing various clubs, and probably will not have really strong hints of what they’re up until shortly before the release of this mobile, which in principle should arrive in the next spring. In any case, carefully follow the track, and we will tell.

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