Samsung is developing an Advance anti-shake 13-megapixel camera for it’s future smartphones.


The Worlds number one most smartphone makers Samsung is working to introduce next Gen camera’s for their Smartphones which will have the best and most anticipated anti-shake feature. This will include the additional features like reducing the image blurriness and comparatively better performance or camera results in low light Photography.

We have seen some outstanding camera phones announced by Nokia, as the company has introduced the largest megapixel unit attached on the back of their latest Windows phone 8 device the Nokia Lumia 1020. The most acclaimed camera with the same Anti-shake and other features found in the previous Nokia Lumia 920. But Samsung has some higher targets, by addressing these commonly seen poor result in low light conditions and the ever disturbing shaking pictures while holding the device in hand.


The new advance Anti-shake Camera is reported to be having the 13-megapixel sensor module but the best thing about this unit is that it have an extra optical anti-shake facility that will help the camera to correct errors of up to 1.5 degree. The future Samsung device mounted with such a camera would be twice as better in anti-shake performance that of digital cameras currently available in the market. This will surely would be the best camera phone device throwing other high-end camera smartphones out of the pool.

This latest optical image stabilization technology can make Samsung Camera phones to shot some really awesome and eight times more brighter and clearer images than what could be shot with the current 13-megapixel cameras mounted in Samsung Galaxy S4 and Samsung Galaxy Note III.


We hope that we see this next Gen camera sensor to be loaded in the next Gen Samsung Galaxy S5, would be the most awesome feature in this most anticipated device of the 2014 which is rumored to be announced in late February 2014. We hope that Samsung doesn’t use the same cheap tactics used by Nokia to claim the image Stability in the promo videos at the launch of their Nokia Lumia 920 smartphone.

Some reports suggests that this future Anti-shake smartphone camera will be supplied to other giant smartphone makers, which includes Nokia, HTC, Sony, LG and Apple. The Future Google Nexus 5 may also have the same camera mounted but there are no confirm reports yet. Samsung has reportedly developed a sample of this camera module and is busy in business negotiations with the smartphone market leaders to let them load this new camera module in their upcoming devices.

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