Samsung May Add Sensor That Requires no Slip on Galaxy S6 fingerprint Button


The sensors that enable our mobile phones read our fingerprint have opened a range of interesting possibilities . The idea is that manufacturers use to identify both access the interface of our own smartphone like to use “sensitive” services, such as payment by mobile.

Apple, Huawei and Samsung are some of the brands that have already integrated into their mobile sensor can read our fingerprint. However, there is an important difference between these biometric sensors manufacturers. The Apple and Huawei just need to place your finger over the reader, while the Samsung requires that drift . Of course, each of these implementations has its own advantages and disadvantages.


Readers that allow us to keep your finger in a static position while reading occupy a larger area, but in return, usually more accurate. And those who require them slip your finger over them are smaller, allowing manufacturers to save space in the bottom frame , which can be somewhat thinner. However, reading is most inconvenient for users and often less accurate, which can cause sometimes we are forced to slide your finger over the reader several times.

Apparently Samsung could have chosen to change the type of sensor its Galaxy S6, betting on this mobile for Apple similar to riding or Huawei, and does not require slip reader. If so, the button will be somewhat larger than in the Galaxy S5 to provide greater surface contact with the fingertip. Moreover, it is said that its functionality is very similar to the S5 reader. In any case, we will leave doubts soon because, as we have told in other posts, it seems that the Galaxy S6 is coming soon .

Via | GSM Arena

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