Samsung Shipped 130.1 Million Phones Last Quarter, More than what Apple, LG, and Nokia Combined shipped.


Samsung has remained on top spot when it comes to smartphones sales and shipment this year again, with two months remaining they secure a wide margin lead over their fellow smartphone makers. With making Android platform as their base the developers at Samsung have introduced tons of new smartphones with keeping in mind the strategy of different markets in the world. Samsung’s Ride continues since they introduced Galaxy S2 and Galaxy note series and since than giants like Apple, LG, Motorola and Nokia remained millions of devices behind in terms of sales and smartphone shipments.

Coming to the current report of Q3 2103, Samsung has convincingly sold over 130 million devices in a single quarter. Charts shows that this is way beyond what Nokia, Apple and LG did combined in that quarter. This made Samsung capturing 29% of the smartphone market with a surprising 7% increase since same period last year.

However the interesting part is that Nokia captured 2nd place with the 15.5% smartphone market shares since they have adopted the same strategy with their dozens of new Windows powered Nokia Lumia devices. With introducing low-end to state of the art High-end devices Nokia shows up favorite smartphone makers for middle east and Indian markets. Meanwhile Apple remains the same with 8% of the Global market share while LG Spotted next with 4% of the global market leaving behind Huawei and HTC.

The sales figure may change in the Q4 of 2013 as Apple has introduced their iPhone 5S and 5C, while LG came up with their own flagship LG G2 smartphone. However we see Samsung’s Galaxy Note 3 also started selling in good numbers. So with this rate Samsung churning out Phones they won’t be dropping from that number one spot any soon. Meanwhile we already start hearing the hype for Samsung Galaxy S5 which will be the future Flagship device and expected to release earlier i.e January 2014.  Meanwhile here is the chart of what Smartphone makers did in the third quarter of 2013 as compared to what they did in 2012.


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