Samsung shipping Galaxy S4 and Galaxy Note 8.0 tablet in full recyclable boxes.

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Samsung came up with a pretty cool and positive move by introducing a different product packaging procedure. No more pretty colorful and stylishly heavy boxes. Samsung has came up with a new Idea showing some  love for environment by making 100% recyclable boxes for it’s most anticipated smartphone Galaxy S4 and most recently announced tablet the Galaxy Note 8.0

That was a real brave initiative taken by Samsung regardless of the new boxes looks and designs, Samsung thought of going full “Green” in this regard. The boxes designed are 100% recyclable and the ink used in printing soy-ink as clearly mentioned on the boxes. 

We love and appreciate the new environment friendly design and regard this as the best step taken by Samsung. This steps now really proves that Samsung has been greatly inspired by Nature.

Here are some more Images of the new Samsung Galaxy S4 and Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0 Boxes.




Image Source : PhoneArena

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