Samsung Tigtening back with Tizen

Samsung and Tizen

Samsung is tightening its position with Tizen as signaled by Samsung’s represented persons on Thursday. The Tizen company was made up in 2011. The Tizen project resides within Linux Foundation and is governed by a Technical Steering Group TSG composed of Samsung and Intel. So as revealed by Samsung the Tizen roots back to the Samsung Linux Platform SLP.

Now Tizen is investing for Samsung and reached nearer to completion of project. Which mean Samsung getting close to Tizen again. The Tizen OS seems to be used as a business strategy by Samsung and Intel, each get benefit. As for Samsung, the Tizen is the Operating System alternative to Android while for Intel the Tizen may be the way to increase the business relation with Samsung.

Tizen OS

Kim, the Vice president suggests openly that the Tizen TV will not be launched until the Tizen smartphone is launched. And said “we have seen much progress in the Tizen TV, but phone will come first.” And it also be said that the TV system may take much time to process as development also have to pass from more steps.

The GT-I8800/GT-I8805 is expected to come as the first Tizen Smartphone but it’s not confirmed. Surely, it making us clear that the Tizen will be not expended so much to many devices and the OS will not be the latest OS as Samsung already also has the Android along with its latest devices.

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