Samsung will soon begin manufacturing its Galaxy S6 in India

Samsung will soon begin manufacturing its Galaxy S6 in India

The R & D teams are there in India Samsung seem to be very important for the South Korean company. Those responsible for the subsidiary in the Asian country have confirmed today at an event in which they have also given the price they will have the new Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge and the date on which hit stores in India.

Apparently, the R & D that has Samsung in the city of Bangalore, which is the capital of Karnataka, is responsible for some of the innovations in software S6 Galaxy, especially in the multimedia section. But the funny thing is that this event responsible for the subsidiary have confirmed that Samsung will soon start producing two new “flagships” in India , and this news invites us to reflect.

We are used to that much of mobile phones in particular and electronic devices generally manufactured in China. However, it seems that manufacturing costs in this overpopulated country are not as low as they were a few years ago because the standard of living of the population is improving and wages are rising. This seems to be one reason why some large companies in the electronics sector are setting up factories in other countries with lower costs , and India seems to be a very desirable destination.

Samsung has confirmed that its plant in Noida, India, in which the terminal is already producing Z1 with Tizen , will soon begin to make both the Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge.However, the price of these phones will not be affected because, according to the company terminals manufactured in India will go entirely to the market in this country, and will not be exported. So it is clear that whoever wants to do with one of these phones have to “scratch your pocket” or yes.

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