Selective Variants of Sony Xperia Z2, Z3 and Z3 Compact Get Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow


To meet the commitment of updating Xperia Z2, Z3, and Z3 Compact to Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow, Sony has now commenced the complete update to selective models of these handsets.

Specific variant receiving the update are D6503 of Xperia Z2, D6603 of Xperia Z3 and D5803 of Xperia Z3 compact. In addition, these models were regarded for the Sony’s Marshmallow Beta testing program to owners who wanted to taste the latest version of Android. A Beta build for these devices was released a month ago.

Users, who are not using these selective models of Xperia Z2, Z3, and Z3 Compact, will have to wait until the update arrives. While there is no official information provided by the Japanese manufacturer about the time of the update availability. Customers who are using carrier locked variants will have to wait even longer. Similarly, there are no words about the Marshmallow update for the carrier variants by officials.

According to Xperia blog, in addition to Marshmallow latest default features, the latest update for the selective variant feature the Android Security patches and Camera 2.0.0 user interface. The Camera 2.0.0 app provided by Sony is actually the essential app in the Xperia Z5 which is capable of swiping between camera modes, and real-time adjustments sliders for toggling brightness and other options.




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