Share your Direction in Google Map for Android. [How To]

You might have wondered that its so easy to share your location with other people on the Google Maps app but what if you want to share a whole route map that you have in your mind with other people using the same app but have no idea what you have in your mind. Lucky we all are as this issue has been finally got solved with the latest update of the Google Maps version 9.3 ( go and grab it on Play Store) which lets you share the whole direction or route map with your friends or family or any one you want to guide.

The whole process of sharing the map with the directions on it is quite simple and easy and can be seen by any one who has the Google Maps installed on their devices or even if they don’t have one they can open the route map on their browser as well. You can see the example in the image given below, Courtesy : AndroidCentral.

Sharing the Step by Step direction on the Google Map for Android can be make easier as you have to select the starting point on the map and the end point and the Google maps auto navigation system and maps data will ensure the best possible rout to get those both start and end point connected.

After having the Route selected all you have to do is tap on the menu button and go for the traffic option. Here you will see the share direction option as seen in the image above. All you have to do is tap on the share direction button and you will see all the sharing options that you usually see whenever you want to share any type of content. You can send this direction using a SMS, email, or even with the Evernote ( remember to sign in).

This will send the Short link to your desired person and he can open the link on his device using any standard browser or even if he has the Google Earth or Maps app he can get the right directions even more quicker. This will surely makes the trip making quite easy and quicker then before.

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