Should You Use a KVM Switch For Your Monitor Setup.

Whether you’re an individual trader or running an entire trading floor, you know that you need the best technology to give you the confidence you want in your data. That’s why trading computers are recommended for professional traders and their 6 monitor setup. 

They give you the power and efficiency for you to keep on top of your numbers. Check it out yourself by sending in your name, email address for product updates, and their awesome specifications. The question now is whether a KVM switch can up your trading game even more. 

Benefits of a KVM Switch for a 6 Monitor Setup 

A KVM switch, or Keyboard Video Mouse switch, allows you to access and control multiple servers and multi-video computers from one keyboard, one mouse, and a multi-monitor setup. Essentially, you can use your monitor setup to work on several computers and manage your whole data center more effectively. Although, these switches can also be very useful when you run your 6 monitors at home, for instance.

KVM Switches

The benefits of KVM switches with a multiple monitors set up in a home office, small/midsize, or enterprise application are as follows: 

  • One control point 
  • Energy efficiency 
  • Remote access 
  • Alternatives 

One control point 

The first point to note when using a 6 monitor setup with a KVM switch is that you save on costs and hardware in terms of keyboards and mouse devices. These switches also allow remote IT support, for example, to access the relevant servers for their clients. 

For traders, this can mean remote working and a more flexible approach to travel while still accessing the company data center through their computer. Another useful benefit is that KVM switches make it easier to move your cursor between screens in a 6 monitor setup. Of course, you can also connect all the computers in your household. That way, everyone can enjoy access to your monitor setup with its high-resolution display.

Energy efficiency 

If you’re designing a trading floor or data center then you might have several server rack cabinets with lots of cables and keyboards. On the other hand, a KVM switch allows you to reduce some of this hardware. Therefore, you save on energy with your multi-monitor setups. Clearly, you’ll still have to check your power supply requirements but overall, you should have fewer cables.


It’s worth noting that a KVM switch is a physical piece of hardware and that there are digital options to consider instead. This applies to whether you want to access screens in another network with, for example, Input Director. Alternatively, this can simply make it easier for you to manage your screens within your 6 monitor setup. 

Equipment to Consider with a KVM Switch 

KVM switches are excellent for controlling multiple systems while also saving you time and money. Before you jump in though, it’s important to make sure you have the right equipment with your 6 monitor setup: 

  • Video card
  • Number of ports 
  • Computer 

Video card

Whatever you decide, you’ll need a good integrated graphics card, also known as a video card. This piece of hardware provides the power to update your graphs and images. It’s worth noting that the best graphics cards come from NVIDIA and Radeon with a GPU of 4 or 6GB.

Then again, if you’re setting up a data center you might want to consider 8GB or 10GB graphics card power. Moreover, when you get to that kind of volume, you might even consider designing your own motherboard with an external graphics card. That way, you get exactly the specifications you need.

Number of ports 

It’s always important to note the type of ports you have as well as how many. That’s because you might need a hub for extra cables although a KVM switch usually helps limit that needs. Either way, you can expect to see any of the following ports: HDMI, VGA, DVI, DisplayPort, and USB. 


Last but not least, will you choose a laptop or desktop? These days, both options are perfectly good, including whether you opt for Mac or Windows 10. Simply make sure you have sufficient RAM power such as 16GB or 32GB along with an Intel or AMD processor. That’s not to say that Mac processors aren’t good but just check that you have a CPU of at least 2.6GHz or higher, such as 3.8GHz. 

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Final Thoughts on Using a KVM Switch with your 6 Monitor Setup 

As you can probably see, using a KVM switch is a very personal decision that depends on what you’re using your multiple monitor setups for. First, have a think about how many computers you want to control from your 6 monitor setup. Secondly, review your budget and how a KVM switch can help reduce some of your costs. Finally, check out the software alternatives so that you can make an informed decision. Then, you’ll have all the data points you need to find the best solution for you. 

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