Why does Showbox keeps Freezing? [Fixed]

Many users recently keep complaining about their Showbox keeps freezing issue while watching their favorite movies and tv shows. This issue is quite prevailing to almost everyone who has downloaded Showbox’s latest update from showbox.net.

But here we came up with the fix to issue this too much buffering/freezing video content and sometimes showing the Server connection error.

Showbox Keeps Freezing

Why Showbox keeps Freezing? Is Showbox Down?

As most of you know that Showbox is being run by some Russian developers and the content that they are mostly streaming or letting us download is shared on VK.com or OK.ru.

Though with the new Russian Cyber rules their links and sites are mostly get knocked by authorities their app keeps on working properly as they seamlessly transit between different servers without letting the user know.

But sometimes in the middle of a show, we are stuck on buffering, and on refreshing the messages can appear that the content is not found or end up with a Non-Working Showbox App for Android devices.

But we have come up with a fix to this issue. All you have to do is follow our step by Step guide. To fix any issues with Different server connections for Showbox 5.35 Android apk.

How to Fix Showbox Keeps Freezing Error 2022 on Android devices:

Most of you know that there are Showbox Alternative apps like Megabox, PopCorn Time, Movie HD etc but you might still go for Showbox due to the extensive collection of content which is mostly found in High Definition and also regularly updated.

So sticking with this app needs you to learn some useful tricks to get rid of such errors and to enjoy unlimited streaming or download for your Android devices.

Showbox Keeps freezing Error Fix

Method 1: Update ShowBox App to the latest Version [5.31]

  1. Make sure to have the most updated version of the ShowBox App. [ Current: June 2022]
  2. In case if you want to download the update from an in-app notification, there can be chances of getting the “Showbox Server Not Working Error” .
  3. So Better to stick with this 3rd party link shared above.
  4. Once the updates are downloaded Make sure to remove the previous or older version of the app.
  5. Now to install the Showbox Apk file you need to enable the Unknown Sources option.
  6. For that go to Settings> Security> Unknown Source > Enable.
  7. Once done you can simply install the Showbox Updated app on Android.

The updated app works quite well with any buffer during streaming and also gives better download speed If you want to download the Movie or a whole TV Show. If you are looking at Why Showbox Not Working then read this.

Also Download:

Method 2: Download Source:

Change the app download source, because there are various issues with those Showbox movie apps modded files.

  • Remove the app downloaded from www2.showbox-movies.net
  • Remove the Showbox Online web source files

Method 3: Cache Clearing:

If this “ShowBox Keeps Closing” issue is still there you can go for Clearing Cache of this downloaded app.

  1. Go to the Showbox App icon
  2. Tap and hold till the options start showing.
  3. Go to App info.
  4. Showbox Server not working
  5. Inside App, info checks the App version.
  6. Now tap on the storage Option-Click on Clear Cache and Clear Data to remove all the cache and data from your app.

Showbox Server not working

Method 4: Download Updated Lime Player for Showbox Apk:

With this new update, the developers at Showbox made Lime Player Apk a mandatory media player for the new Showbox. So you have to download and install the app from the given link below to get an uninterrupted streaming experience.

Download Lime Player Apk for Showbox

That’s it once done, Simply restart the app and you will not face any issues while streaming videos or Movies on Showbox Android app. The latest Lime Player Apk v1.0.3 for Showbox is here.

That’s it, Hope that you have followed the above-given methods and have fixed this Showbox Server Not Working issue on your Android devices. Also, keep in touch As we bring the latest updates of the Showbox App.

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