SIM Unlock Samsung Galaxy Note 4 . How to [guide]


With the excessive demand of the Samsung devices most of the cellular carriers release their own variants of the device in the market to gain some fixed profit from the sales of these devices. The Authorities at Samsung has signed some agreements with over 100 international cellular companies for the sale of these devices. In United States all the renowned cellular network owners like AT&T, Sprint, Verizon etc are releasing the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 smartphones under the SIM Locked tag.

You can now SIM Unlock Samsung Galaxy Note 4 with the help of this guide to use any cellular network SIM in your device that you want. So now you don’t have to be locked with the regional network issues. All you have to do is the follow the guide given below to SIM Unlock your Galaxy Note 4.

The first thing that you should now about your device is the IMEI number, which has been allocated to each device separately. To find the IMEI number of the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 you have to Follow these steps.

Go to Menue
Tap on Settings.
Now Tap on the About Phone
Now Locate IMEI information available in the menu.
You can also locate the IMEI number of your device by typing *#06# in the dialer pad to get the device IMEI.


 How to SIM Unlock Samsung Galaxy Note 4:

After finding the IMEI number of you device now you can simply SIM Unlock your device by following these simple steps given in the guide below.

1-First of all check the smartphone eligibility with the Network Admin terms and services.

2-The Cellular Network if allows to unlock your device you can insert a different SIM in your device and Turn on your Galaxy Note 4.

3-With the new SIM card an automatic prompt will ask for the Unlock code in the empty field as seen in the image above.

4-Now tap on the empty field and post the unlock code that you have just got from the network.

5-Touch the Back button in order to proceed. It will also remove the keyboard from the screen.

6- Now Tap on Unlock button and here you go.

Your Samsung Galaxy Note 4 has been unlocked and you can use any new SIM from any Network that you would like to have.

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