4 Simple Ways to Track Your Boyfriend’s Phone Messages without Him Knowing.

Is your boyfriend one of the secretive ones when it comes to their phone business? It means you are suspecting what he is doing behind that small screen. Another thing, since the phones came, it is easier to text someone who is miles away.

You want to know whom he is texting and what he is saying. The problem is that he does not want you to touch the phone. If you reach it, that’s an opening for all the karma. So, what do you do?

If he is always on that phone and behaving unusually, then you need something to get the messages for you. Whatever you use has to get them without notifying him. That is where you need message tracking solutions that are undetectable while still delivering the results.

How to track your Boyfriends Messages

Let’s see four of the ways that you can track his messages without him knowing.

Part 1: Track Boyfriend Messages with Spyic Solution

If you need a suitable app that will help you track his messages, then it should have some distinctive features. One of them should be complete discretion and delivery of results instantly and remotely. Spyic can deliver that and more. That’s why it is at the top.

Spyic will get you all the text messages your boyfriend is sending and receiving. It will get you the actual words used, the contact details involved, and the timestamps. That is just the tip of an iceberg.

Spyice Track Your Boyfriends Message

You can find out what else it can track on Clickfree and the main website too. Is your boyfriend using an iPhone or Android? Spyic can track the SMSs in both without any prior rooting or jailbreaking.

In iPhones, it can get you even the deleted iMessages. All you need here are his iCloud credentials to fetch the messages and other details. Spyic’s iOS version does not require any download or installation.

Once you have his iCloud ID, you can register with Spyic and start tracking him online. In Android, things take a different turn, but the setup is still quick. You need to install Spyic application once on his phone.

After that, you can track him remotely via the web-based dashboard via your account. In both Android and iOS monitoring, the control panel is compatible with all browsers. So, you can log in anywhere, when you need to check the messages updates.

Remember that after the setup, Spyic will operate while hidden using its stealth mode feature. That means your boyfriend will remain clueless until you decide to blow the horn.

With that, here is how you can track my boyfriend’s phone messages using Spyic messages tracker.

How to Track Your Boyfriend’s Messages without Him Knowing Using Spyic

Step 1: If your boyfriend has an Android, you need to access his phone once to install Spyic. It should have OS version 4.0 and above. For Apple case, get his iCloud ID. His iPhone needs to have iOS version 7.0 or later.

Step 2: After verifying the requirements in step 1, go to Spyic website, and register an account. Next, select your boyfriend’s phone OS to get the available plans.

Spyice Login

Step 3: Choose the best plan to track your boyfriend and go ahead to make the payment. You will later receive a confirmation email with the login details, set up guidelines, and a receipt. In Android, you will also get a download link.

Step 4: For Android, use the sent link to install Spyic on his phone. Make sure you activate stealth mode. After that, finish up the installation and go ahead to login to your account remotely.

Spice Installation

Step 5: In iOS, after the confirmation email, login to your account on the web and verify his iCloud credentials. Next, select the phone you want to track and wait for the Spyic and iCloud synchronization.

Spyice Target iCloud Login

Step 6: After the syncing in both Android and iOS, you will get the dashboard. It will have some worthy features on the left part.

To track the messages, click on ‘Messages’ and ‘iMessages’ and see what Spyic has captured.

See all the texts, contact details, and the time they were sent or received.

Part 2: Cocospy Messages Tracker

Another powerful tracker that will get you all his messages is the Cocospy monitoring solution. It has numerous tracking tools that will be beneficial in exploring your boyfriend’s phone. When it comes to texts, it will get you all including the deleted ones in iPhones.

It’s known to operate in stealth mode, which means its icon is always hidden from your boyfriend’s phone. Cocospy will then get the messages, contact details of anyone involved, and the time too.

Once deployed, you get the messages and other details remotely. Cocospy uses an online dashboard to do that, which you can access via your established account.

It works on both Android and iOS phones without root or jailbreak. It’s, therefore, safe and reliable to use when nothing else seems to work.

Part 3: PanSpy

Other reliable apps that you can use to get those hidden messages include the PanSpy application. As for the SMSs, it will get them while hidden in any Android with OS version 5.0 or later.

PanSpy to track Boyfriends messages

It has other powerful features as well, such as calls, social media, and location tracking. Another adorable feature here is the keylogger that will record all the keystrokes as well. You can also check the Spyic keylogger to see how it works.

It, however, does not have an iOS version yet.

Part 4: Spymaster Pro

The last one on our list is another of the safe, robust and reliable too. The Spymaster Pro application can get you the boyfriend’s messages without rooting or jailbreaking the phone. It can receive whatever he sends and anything he receives.

Spymaster Pro Track your Boyfriend's messages

You will also get all the relevant details, such as the contact details and timestamps. Other useful features here include call log, social media, browser history, and email tracking.


Those are four ways you can use to track your boyfriend’s messages and know what he is up to. Since the information here is addressing the ladies, don’t worry if your boyfriend is more tech-savvy than you.

The apps we present to you here are undetectable. That means he will not know if you have deployed anything yet or not. For the best app, get Spyic and set it up as soon as he leaves the phone in the house for a walk.

After that, you can let him take it since all the text records will be in your secret Spyic account.

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