Smart TV sales increased in United States.

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A very reputable source at GigaOM has come up with a research report compiled by a firm named TDG, stated that more than 14% of all households with broadband internet in United States owned and Apple TV, Roku Box or similar streaming platform. The survey has been based on the last year data and suggests the ever increasing amount of Smart TV’s in household.

The Smart TV is a common thing now and is getting over the old typical TV market, with this increase there are more than 25% of all households are owned a smart TV that comes Equipped with the new and latest apps. Most common suppliers in this field are the Samsung and the LG.

If we look back at the early statistics of the adoption of the smart TV in United States the stats shows a favourable inclined for the Smart Tv manufacturers as the 12% growth recorded in year 2011 is now on the rise in 2012 and touched the 25% mark. Another interesting reports highlights the peoples interests in Applications is not that high, So out of all the owners only 69% of them use internet on their smart TV while others never bother to think so as the mostly prefer their tablets or smartphones for this purpose. While on  the other hand only 10% owners use apps provided with the smart TV and other functionalities.

smart Tv report, Smart TV sales, Smart Tv price, Smart Tv shows, Smart TV  2013,

 With the growing figures more and more companies are jumping in to the pool of high demand. Samsung already showed their new series of Smart TV’s while Apple’s iTV, new project is underway. Apple already looking to integrate the Siri functionalities with their upcoming Smart TV series. The rumors that surfaced in early march were suggesting that Apple is looking to introduce their first Ultra-HD tv which in other words can be called 4K TV. That has a screen resolution of 3840 x 2160


But there are no reports about the launch of this newly rumored Apple iTV. But some analyst seeing the launch of the next generation of the Apple TV can take place in late 2013 or early 2014.

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