Download SnapChat Update app with new Geofilter for Wedding, Graduation etc.

The latest version of SnapChat v10.12.0.0 is here and it has all the fun, with all new ceremonial filters that everyone was anticipating recently. The Snapchat Update app for Android has now almost all the features which were found in the iOS version of the app. With this essential progress we can see that the Windows version will follow the suit sooner. The question most of the Windows smartphone users ask is “how long has snapchat been around”, Well its still not older then the Windows phones debut in the smartphone industry. So the updated version of Snapchat will soon be made available for these platforms as well.

The main changes in Snapchat Updated App v10.12.0.0 :

* Create a Geofilter for your wedding, event, or graduation right inside Snapchat — and starting at $5.99! Tap ‘On-Demand Geofilters’ in settings to get started.
* Tap the Paperclip to attach a website to your Snap. Friends can swipe up to view it!
* Add fun Backdrops to your Snaps. Tap the new icon inside the Scissors tool to try them out.
* Remix how you and your friends sound with Voice Filters.”

Download SnapChat v10.12.0.0 Apk:

You can download the latest version of the snapchat released toady on 6th July 2017, from the given link below.

Snapchat v10.12.0.0 Apk : Link

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