Solve Wi-Fi Dropping Problems on Samsung Galaxy S3 Easy Guide



WiFi signal drops or you try to connect your smartphone WiFi and connection lost each time you try to connect . WiFi takes too long to connect or connection lost after you connect to a WiFi network. This problem is very common and most users are complaining about this problem on galaxy s3 . Sometimes you restart your smartphone and this problem is solved, but some time this problem make you feel like hell.Today we guide you how you can solve this WiFi dropping or no connection problem on galaxy s3.


Procedure :


step 1:Restart your smartphone will solve this problem . But sometimes restart smartphone doesn’t work.

step 2:First go to settings > WiFi > Advance settings and then set your WiFi to always on during sleep .

step 3:This will solve WiFi problems on your galaxy s3 .

step 4:Clearing cache will also solve this problem , switch off your smartphone and then press and hold volumedown+power+home buttons together. Your smartphone will boot in android system recover mode , from the menu select wipe cache partition and after that select reboot system now.

step 5:Clearing WiFi data may also solve this problem .

step 6:If none of the above steps works then the problem is with your router , change router .

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