Some Of The Best Expected Features Of Samsung Galaxy S5.

In the present world of cell phones, the Smartphone’s are all ready to woo the users with many exciting features as the manufacturers are coming out with their latest models in the coming months. Whenever a new cell phone is launched there will always be some or the other leaks and rumors with regard to the phones which the users and based on these rumors the manufacturers will be able to get an insight into the minds of the customers. The Samsung Galaxy S5 is no different. Here are some of its interesting features:

Carbon fiber body:  This is another interesting feature as many of the manufacturers will be using plastic for their Smartphone’s so that they are to provide their customers with a greater customization and personalization and that too at a lesser price. It is for this reason that your Samsung Galaxy S5 may be available in an elegant carbon fiber body. You will also be able to see the difference in both the looks as well as the feel of the Smartphone right away, since the carbon fiber body will give your phone a lightweight and also a stylish look.

1- 16 MP Camera:  In spite of the fact that the Smartphone of the caliber of the Nokia Lumia 1020has a 41 MP camera, still Galaxy S5 tends to pride itself in being a phone first and a camera later. A 16 MP camera is still an attractive option which is given the competition.

2- 16 Core Processor:  This is one of the best features of the Samsung Galaxy S5. Since there are many manufacturers who are willing to provide better unique experiences to its users based on the basic functionality of any feature which naturally depends on the processor. The cell phone manufacturers of Samsung have understood this concept well and are leaving no stone unturned to lead in this area.

3- 2 GB RAM: Having a 2 GB RAM is going to be the norm of all Smartphone’s from now on. If your cell phone has a 1 GB RAM, it will be left behind in the race. As a user, you can expect that phones which will be released from the end of 2013 or early 2014 will support a 2 GB RAM

4- 32 Multi Touch screen: If you are a game lover, then the 32 multi touch screen will take user experience especially in the gaming world to a whole new level of experience.

As a user, you can be sure that the Samsung Galaxy S5 is indeed going to be a giant leap from the Galaxy S4.

We have collected some cool concept images of Samsung galaxy S5, which has been designed by some die hard Samsung Galaxy S5 fans all over the web.

5- Eye Scanning Technology:

This is also expected after the arrival of finger print scanning in the iPhone 5S, the veterans at Samsung are looking for a new feature to be added in their already in-use Eye scanner. This new Samsung’s inevitable flagship device is expected to have the ability to scan your eye to perform actions like unlocking the device. This will be even much safer and easier way of accessing your device.

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