Sony SmartEyeGlass The Beginning Of Something New



Sony is having hard time in the smartphone business because of very tough competition from Samsung , HTC , LG and other emerging companies . But Sony is not giving up as they are coming up with something new in the smartphone world , you heard about Google Glass and Google manufacture this new gadget very smartly . Now Sony comes up with the same kind of gadget and they named this gadget Sony SmartEyeGlass , instead of a prism above on right eye the whole glass works as a screen . Sony Super imposes all the pictures , videos and other things on the glass and when you use this SmartEyeGlass you feel like a super tech genius like Tony Stark do in movies .The whole display is not holographic  like Google Glass, but it feels cool when you use this SmartEyeGlass .


SmartEyeGlass is equipped with quite heavy materials like battery pack , Brightness sensor , compass and Gyroscope along with 3 MP camera . According to Sony officials this new SmartEyeGlass is in prototype stage but Sony almost complete this gadget and soon we shall see Sony launches this gadget to the world . This prototype Sony SmartEyeGlass can be connected to range of devices and this SmartEye Glass can show hologram images through its lens.


Sony is not developing apps for this SmartEyeGlass , Sony is reaching out to the developers and ask them to make apps for this mew gadget .

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