Sony soar, A new high-end smartphone for September [ Rumor ]

sony soar

The surprise presentation of the Sony Xperia Z4 still gives its last legs while we digest how is placed between the high-end Android the new flagship of the Japanese firm. However, it seems that the important thing about this terminal is not the proper Xperia Z4, but the huge amount of rumors that have emerged after Sony confirmed that will not leave Japan , and other markets will have to wait to see a relay in high-end Sony.

The latest gossip about the Japanese manufacturer have been on the famous social network Weibo, where a user has leaked an image of a smartphone from Sony accompanied by a text . Photography by itself should not tell anything but the text itself is quite explicit: “Z5, 9th month, type C”.¬†Nothing more and nothing less than the instructions for submitting a hypothetical Xperia Z5 would arrive at IFA next September, and would incorporate a USB port type C has also been talk of a Snapdragon 820, 4 GB of RAM chipset screen with qHD resolution, new photo sensor and fingerprint reader.


Definitely interesting data, but very contradictory if we consider the claims of a few days ago about a presentation to international markets in May. There will be very attentive to Sony, it seems that from Japan we prepared surprises.


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