Sony successfully sold over a Million PS4’s in just 24 Hours.


This is for sure that the best gaming consoles currently in the market are the PS4 and Xbox One, but we have found the love for Sony’s PS4 is at higher node when their flagship device has successfully managed to cross the 1 million mark in sales just after 24 hours after got released.
The company has said in a press conference earlier that they want to achieve the 5 million sales mark before the fiscal year, that means before January 1st 2014. But with such boosted start it seems that they will make it even before December 2013. Sony has announced the PS4 earlier this year and the presented for sales on November 15th in North America. The response from the customers was overwhelming and now Sony has officially announced the sale figures of day one which shows that Sony’s PlayStation 4 has been successfully sold over 1 million units just in U.S and Canadian markets.

This shows that the sales in US and Canada were quite strong and were beyond the company’s imaginations. The company expects that this enthusiasm continues with the release of the PS4 in Latin America and later in European markets on November 29th. However there are some  early customers who have complained of bricked consoles to which Sony said that it was investigating the hardware issues. A number of customers have also been complaining about the Blue Light of Death which renders the console effectively useless. Sony is on top of these issues though and they shouldn’t hamper sales in any major way.

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