Sony Xperia Z1S gets compared with Sony Xperia Z1 in image

Sony Xperia Z1S with Xperia Z1 comparison

Sony Xperia Z1s have shown clearly in previous times but this time we can see it in a pictures captured by a guy. The picture showing the size comparison between Xperia Z1S and Xperia Z1.

The image is showing the display comparison as well. But as the Z1S in image looks less bright than Xperia Z1 but may be the brightness level is low on Xperia Z1S than Xperia Z1. The user who posted this image says that the Xperia Z1S may use IPS Display. But the Xperia Z1F uses same display as Xperia Z1’s so there is low chance of IPS Display on Xperia Z1S. But it may come too, it’s a fifty fifty chance, it is just a rumor. Another image is also posted by the same user which showing both devices in side view, image given below.

Sony Xperia Z1S with Xperia Z1 comparison

The Sony Xperia Z1S is to be the international version of the Sony Zperia Z1 mini, which has far been shown only for Japan’s largest carrier, under the moniker Xperia Z1f. The device comes with Snapdragon 800 processor and the same 20.3 MP camera with Sony G Lens as the Z1 and having 4.3 display. The battery on the byte sized Xperia model comes in at 2300mAh versus 3000mAh on the full sized Xperia Z1. The screen is in HD resolution with 720 x 1280 pixels display and also now rumored with IPS Display. While the Z1S will be obviously a water proof device and run on Android 4.3.

Source: PhoneArena.

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