How to speed up your 3G mobile data connection


Wifi is not available every where that’s mobile data connection is necessary now a days. But most of the time our 3G connection work very slow and we have to face many problems. Every body wants to improve their 3G connection so that we can get the maximum speed while browsing our watching a video. Hope is not last thanks to hack discovered by a member of the XDA forumsbahathir. In the following guide I’ll tell you how to speed up your 3G mobile data connection, to optimize your data connection you have to edit a file containing the internet configuration settings. Before proceeding you need the following things in order to speed up your 3G connection.

What do You need to speed up your 3G?

1)Root permission

2)Options.7z archive

3)ES File Explorer

How to speed up your 3G mobile data connection:

Step 1: Download the Options.7z archive and extract it.

Step 2: Copy the option file on to your device.

Step 3: Download and install ES File Explorer. Open the ES file explorer and give it root permisson.

Step 4: Navigate to the option file that you’ve copied in the 2nd step.

Step 5: Copy the file and paste it to (device) “/ system / etc / ppp”.

Step 6: Change the permission of the option file ( activate the three permissions in readable, deactivate the three in writing, and activate the three in execut . )

Step 7: All Done reboot your device.

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