Square Enix announces Final Fantasy Tactics S for Android.


One of the worlds well known game developers Square Enix seems to be  still committed to ensure its presence on mobile devices  to take most of the advantage of its most recognizable franchise, Final Fantasy. A few weeks ago the Square Enix developers expanded their series for Android Platform with the addition of the Final Fantasy: All The Bravest , the previous version of the Final Fantasy series, and now the developers want to add this new delivery.

The developers at Square Enix showed to be a little more faithful with this new series as the create a whole new game but showed the same methodology that most of the fans of the franchise will familiar with. As the name of this series ” Final Fantasy Tactics S” suggests, the new system will use the  Tactics saga with time strategy role shift to which many many users are familiar who used to play the old series of the Final Fantasy.

The system draws directly from Final Fantasy Tactics A2: Grimoire of the Rift, a game that came out in 2008, with many of its data intact, as were the class system, races and monsters. However to the issue of social functions have been resorted to Mobage to use their micropayment system and friends.


By the time the game is only available in Japan, so we’ll have to wait to decide to toss in the West, although Square Enix means a wait of several months, unless Mobage has gotten some favorable treatment to accelerate the translation process and distribution.


Source : DroidGamers

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