Still Nokia Android Prototype is into Production

Nokia Android prototype

As we know about the Microsoft and Nokia deal, What’s interesting is that the device is apparently still in production and won’t be cancelled before November, not until Nokia shareholders approve Microsoft’s proposal.

We listened the News that Nokia was working on Android phones, at the very least as an insurance against Microsoft, but it seems it may have been more than that, because it seems Nokia already went ahead with ordering 10,000 units for their Android phone from Foxconn. Why would they do that, if they didn’t intend to actually launch it and sell it.

Weibo account C Technology reported which is generally been a reputable source of leaks from China. They reported Nokia has based the R&D of its Android smartphone dubbed “Mountain View” specially in the Beijing Offices of the company.

Nokia Android prototype

We expected that Nokia is working on high end Android devices, But then you will be disappointed because it seems that it was intended to replace their Asha line of Smartphones instead. For all Microsoft’s fans comments that “WP is faster” on lower end hardware, it’s Android that has been on the lowest end hardware so far, working even on 600 Mhz ARM11 processors. But apparently Nokia Mountain view prototype itself is intended to use a Qualcomm Snapdragon 200 8225Q chip processor with the sole intention of the Android smartphone to be affordable. It includes a 1.4 Ghz CPU Cortex A5 which is significiantly faster than that.  The further specifications yet need to query.

After Nokia deal, Windows phone is likely to meet more hurdles, instead of fewer. As it is thoughtful that the either HTC or Samsung will want to create Windows 8 phone and Microsoft will likely meet the same opposition from smartphone OEM’s as they did from PC after announced the surface tablets. And now many of Companies wanting to break free from Microsoft after that, including Intel.

Source: Unwiredview

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