Stop Whatsapp From Sending Read Receipts on iPhone / iPad [ Tutorial ]


Few days back Whatsapp rolled out a new feature in their latest update Read Receipts, mean if you send a message to someone and after they read it grey ticks will become blue. This feature is awesome for me, but since not everyone don’t think as same as i do. After this update people don’t seems to be liking it very much so i though why not tell you people how to Stop Whatsapp From Sending Read Receipts on iPhone / iPad. Whatsapp the world’s best and fast-growing communication medium connecting nearly 700 million people across the globe so some of them not want this feature because, now everyone can know when your message has been seen/read as well.

How To Stop Whatsapp From Sending Read Receipts on iPhone / iPad:


Step 1: Don’t open message when your receive.

Step 2: Wait for few seconds after your receive notification.

Step 3: turn off the Data/Cellular and Wi-Fi toggles.

Step 4: Put your device on Airplane mode.

Step 5: Open Whatsapp and read the message.

Step 6: After reading message Quit Whatsapp.

Step 7: Turn on data network or Wi-Fi connections.

Do tell me in comments if this work for you or not. I would love to help you with this guide, we’ve tried it and it was working fine.

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