Subsonic Music Streamer an exclusive music video streamer got updates with bringing new superb features and improvements

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Subsonic Music Streamer is the wonderful app which leads you to enjoy the music along with videos. You can enjoy the music along with trailer and manually locate the music files. Google music is for average users but the subsonic is best app if you have 20,000 tracks and you want to enjoy them with video streaming too. It is exactly All your media, which is accessible to you on your hand anywhere and anytime.

Subsonic Music Streamer

Through Subsonic music app, the songs are cache for offline playback and it supports all formats in term of audio including mp3, ogg, aac, flac and wma. While in term of video, the playback is powered by MX Player. The app can be used as a remote control for music playing on your server. It contains these main features which are offline mode, adaptive bitrates, equalizer, and visualizer.

Now the good news is waiting for its current users and for new users too, that subsonic Music Streamer got two latest updates within 2 weeks. The updates bring more superb features for you. The updated versions are v4.0 and v4.1. Both came with continuous changes and improvements.

The Subsonic Music Streamer update brings new changes which are as follow;

 Version 4.1:

Search suggestions.

Sharing support.

Lock Screen widget.

Now works with older Subsonic server versions.

Version 4.0:

Added “My Starred music,” and options for starring songs, albums and artists.

Added context menu buttons.

Use Roboto Thin font (on Jelly Bean and later).

Hide search button and pin/unpin option when offline.

Don’t show notification if previously dismissed and not currently playing.

Download Here!

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