Sync your Samsung Galaxy S5 Calendar – How to


Samsung Galaxy S5 is very advanced smartphone you can easily make your Samsung Galaxy S5 your office by sync outlook express with your smartphone. When outlook express  is sync with your Samsung Galaxy S5 you can easily read emails , journals , contacts  any other office doc which is in your email . Now if you sync your Samsung Galaxy S5 calender with your account or any other social media website you can easily remain updated to upcoming events , birthdays etc. You can easily sync your Smartphone calendar with your account and today we guide you how you can do that . Following is a guide on how to sync your Samsung Galaxy S5 calendar with your desired account . With this sync every change in calender with be updated to Samsung Galaxy S5 calender and the account each time sync happen.


Procedure :

  • First you need to turn on sync from one of your accounts .
  • Go to the home screen.
  • Open settings.
  • Click on the desired account you want t sync with Samsung Galaxy S5 calendar.
  • Click on Sync calendar and mark the check box.
  • Repeat the same steps for other accounts if you have.

After Sync is complete you will be notified for all of your important dates. This is simple feature but helps us to organize our daily work and also, we can mark selective dates on which you have to wish some or pay your loan etc.

Samsung’s Galaxy S5 is here with more power  more pixels  and a refined design   The Verge

If you face any kind of issue regarding this guide please do tell me in comments. I would love to help you out on this guide ;)..

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