Take a ScreenShot on HTC One M9. [How To]

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The recent announcement of the HTC One M9 adds a new addition to the sleek and most stylish HTC smartphone series which is currently holding the flagship status of the company. The HTC One M might not have transformed completely but the device has some new features added in their upgraded version of HTC Sense user interface which now does have some new shortcuts added.

Like the most used feature is capturing the screen, what ever is showing on mobile to capture it is called the Screenshots. Today we will let you know How to take ScreenShot on HTC One M9 smartphone with the new features added on the new HTC Sense user interface which is the 5th version of customized UI delivered by HTC.

All you have to do is follow these steps given in the guide below to take screenshots of your HTC One M9.

Method 1: In this method we will discus the most common way of taking the screenshot of any HTC device with the same HTC Sense UI, all you need i sto press the Volume down and the power key simultaneously to take a good screenshot at the rght time.

Method 2: In other most used method all you have to do is install an app that can be seen on the Google Play store to capture the screen shot of your HTC One M9 whenever you want. There are apps that can record the screen as well.

You will be able to see all the screenshots in the Gallery app of your device, Or if your device is connected to the PC the device Screenshots can be found in the Pictures/ScreenShots folder mostly found on the internal storage of the HTC One M9.


So this is the simplest way to take a screenshot on HTC One M9. Hope you like it and if you are looking to have the Official Wallpapers of the HTC One M9 then click here.

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