Tapbot has hit third Home Run with Tweetbot 3 for iOS 7


Every once in a while something come along that converges contrasting viewpoints. Tweetbot, from developer Tapbot, is one such app. Tweetbot is widely regarded as the best third-party twitter client for iOS. Packed with useful features, Tweetbot is designed to address the needs of power users. Recently launched by Tapbot, Tweetbot 3 as it’s name implies, is an update of it’s popular third-party twitter client Tweetbot.

Tweetbot 3 is revitalized version of its predecessor Tweetbot 2. Layout of the app is moulded consistent with iOS 7 aesthetics. Most of the app’s features are reminiscent of that of the past version amid new looks optimized for iOS 7. Beautiful design, robust UI, vivid color scheme have all been its hallmarks.

Let’s peek at the changes engineered in Tweetbot 3:

Gone are the mechanistic sounds while tapping, simple iOS 7 like design has superseded metallic industrial look.

In Tweetbot 3, users can now switch to night-mode within the app which turns background into black theme putting less strain on eyes in the dark. Head to in-app settings, tap display, scroll down to the bottom and select theme according to your preference. You can easily toggle between day and night themes by simply swiping two fingers up & down anywhere in the app.

In Tweetbot 3, you can either choose separate font size for the app or link it with system font size (iOS 7 native font size). Again, go to in-app setting under display to change the font size.


Rounded avatars have been introduced in Tweetbot 3 much like another third-party twitter client Twitterrific.

Features that have been maintained from last version include shuffling multiple accounts which is still as seamless as before, Profile editing, as well as tweet translation which convert tweet composed in foreign languages into the language of your choice. New UI is being lauded as more user friendly, learning curve is faster with the new design change. On the downside, Tweetbot 3 can put some strain on the battery because of its constant background tweet refresh using Apple’s API but it’s not noticeable. Moreover, Tweetbot 3 was not rolled¬† out as free update for existing Tweetbot users, which ensued public outcry. Developers Tapbot refused to budge and it is still priced at $2.99 in US App Store and ¬£1.99 in UK App Store. But if tweeting is your thing then shedding some bucks on Tweetbot 3 would be a worthwhile investment.

One thing is for sure, you would not regret spending your money on this gem of an app.

You can Download Tweetbot 3 for iOS 7 from iTunes.

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