Team Pangu about to Jailbreak iOS8.


Team Pangu is ready to find the security holes in the Apple’s latest firmware iOS 8. Although many renowned hackers have claimed that the iOS 8 Jailbreak seems hard to find but the members behind this Chinese hackers unit have different thoughts. They have been working on the iOS 8 Jailbreak since the first beta version of the OS, iOS 8 Beta1 was made available for developers. The Team Pangu seems more hopeful in acheiving their objectives.

As the iOS 8 is already out for masses and some reports suggests that over 50% users have already shifted to the latest firmware we hope that Jailbreak lovers might own this update now after these positive news spread all over the web. In a recent message posted on the top Chinese microblogging website the Weibo, The developers/hackers at Pangu have announced that they are quite positive with their efforts for the iOS 8 Jailbreak.

In that Chinese message they state that  “[Reminder] Just 1 day before iOS 8 official release, guess that devices except iPhone 4can’t be restored with 7.1.2 firmware. If you want to jailbreak please grab the last moment. For iOS 8, we are already on the way…” . This message have boosted our moral as well. Here is the link to the post

So we are as hopeful as rest of Jailbreak lovers community but we can’t claim any certain time frame for this Pangu iOS 8 Jailbreak. But we can assure you that we will post the guide whenever they release the jailbreak. So keep in touch and follow us on TwitterFacebook or  Google + to get the latest happenings regarding iOS 8 Jailbreak.

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