The 10 Most Popular Names for Your Baby Girl That Start With C.

Do you think naming your baby is an easy fit? 

Of course, it’s not! 

You need to narrow down thousands of names as per your and your family’s preference. 

Pro Tip before we list Best Names…

Focus on options that begin with a specified letter; hence, it’s become much hassle-free to narrow things down. However, the letter ‘c’ has countless contemporary and traditional monikers for your baby girl. So, it’s always been a modish way to consider baby girl names that start with C

The profusion of choices for your little princess includes top-notch names like Chloe, Cleo, Caroline, Camilla, and others. Moreover, c containing baby names could be as delicate as ‘Celine’ and as tough as ‘Coco.’ 

To find more such names, you may refer to CocoFinder’s endless name suggestion lists.

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10 Coolest Baby Girl Names Starting with ‘C’

The below-mentioned suggestions have been chosen from a wide array of places to satiate your baby naming criterion. Here, CocoFinder‘s comprehensive cornucopia of girl names starting with c includes the top 10 popular names:

  • Cadence

The harmonious and dulcet name ‘Cadence,’ seemed to emerge after a long time to zoom up the lists; it rose more than 700 spots between 2002 and 2004 and got a place in the top 200 baby girl names, starting with Cin 2007. 

So, your profound Latin roots might give you a spur to choose the name ‘Cadence,’ where it means ‘beat’ or ‘rhythm.’ You might be a music enthusiast; therefore, this name for your baby girl will be an apt one!

It placed number one 1 in the list as the newly married couple Edudoxie and Ludacris Mbouguiengu have recently welcomed their beautiful daughter ‘Cadence.’

  • Calliope

The name ‘Calliope’ is the cutest and popular name of the muse of world-class poetry and a leading musical instrument on the merry-go-round. It consists of both creativity and boldness; that’s why it is the best-in-class name for the baby girls, which means ‘beautiful voice.’ 

This Greek mythology name debuted in the USA as the top 1000 baby girl names that start with C in 2016. It is mainly pronounced as ‘–Ka-lee-OH-pee.’

  • Camila

The Spanish baby girl’s name, ‘Camila,’ is pronounced as ‘Ka-MEE-la,’ which is the exponentially growing version of an outdated Roman name. However, a recent aristocrat baby girl named ‘Camilla’ may have diligently helped promote the British brand. 

According to Roman myth, this name belonged to a rapid-footed huntress, who could run so fast over a field sans bending a blade of grass. You must have heard the popular song ‘senorita’ sung by renowned pop star Camila Cabello.

Who knows, your little one might be a world-known singer one day! 

  • Carly

Some creative spellings of the name ‘Carly’ include ‘Karlee’ and ‘Carli.’ These names were on the rise and said to be the crucial feminine version of ‘Carl.’ Despite its feminine diminutive, it was popularized by eminent singer Carly Simon in the 1970s.

The name can be seen in the entertainment industry, from Canadian pop singer Carly Rae Jepsen to Nickelodeon’s iCarly. Therefore, ‘Carly’ is a popular baby girl name that starts with C!

  • Carolyn

‘Carolyn’ would be the classiest name in French, which means ‘free man.’ It is one of the popular variations of Caroline, and its popularity was on the maximum level in the 1920-1960s. After that, it has been exponentially on the wane while ‘Caroline’ herself has stayed powerful. 

You should know the famous Carolyne Keene, a pseudonymous author of the Nancy Drew Books, and Carolyn Jones, who played the character Morticia Addams on a popular TV show, ‘The Addams Family.’

  • Celine

The name ‘Celine’ is the cutest and most famous baby girl name meaning ‘heavenly’ in French. The renowned French-Canadian singer Celine Dion made us observe this variation. 

Many parents might love the synonym Selene, which consists of a slightly diverse derivation and indicates ‘moon’. The popular baby girl names that start with C, ‘Celine,’ have been a top 1000 name from 1994-2005 and became even more popular in 2012. 

Moreover, it is also a widely accepted and enormously popular name of a fresh and attractive French fashion model. 

  • Cecilia

The name ‘Cecilia’ is a top-notch Latin feminine term of ‘Cecil,’ which emerged from a Roman clan named based on Latin caecus, which means ‘blind.’ 

During the middle ages, Christian parents chose this name as their daughter’s name, showing honor to St. Cecilia, who was designated the patron of musicians. She became martyred in the second century for not worshipping the Roman Gods and her old faiths. Despite the historical significance of this name, parents prefer this name for their baby girl.

  • Chelsea

‘Chelsea’ is one of the prominent baby girl names that start with C and are significantly being used by American and British parents. It is a leading place name of London and New York. 

A few decades ago, it had been accredited to be the most popular name and ranked number 15. Chelsea Clinton was frequently in the headlines and became their first daughter. 

So, your baby girl will love this one, and always thank you for giving this beautiful moniker!

  • Christina

‘Christina’ is an incredibly pretty Greek name, which means ‘a Christian.’ So, this name is undoubtedly a crystal clear classic name, which might be trending downward, but has never gone out of style! 

Its charismatic traits have won everyone’s heart, and most parents choose this one for their prettiest daughter. 

  • Cynthia

‘Cynthia’ is an elegant name and also a robust personification of ‘moon goddess’. It also translates to ‘woman from Kynthos.’ 

Despite its attractiveness, the name is an epithet for ‘Artemis’ as well as ‘Diana’ in classical mythology. It has always been a top-notch preference for parents from the late 16th to 18th century.

Concluding words

So, the list has carefully included famous baby girl names from ‘Cadence’ to ‘Camila,’ ‘Celine’ to Cynthia,’ and everything in between! 

The CocoFinder inspired article incorporates both the modish and conventional names while considering the needs for both trendy and classical parents. So, all those aforementioned baby names acquired significant popularity among Christian parents. 

Lastly, looking at this list of top 10 baby girl names that start with C along with the meaning and origin will benefit you to narrow down easily.

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