The Best Apps For eSport Fans

It doesn’t matter what your hobby is; you will find an app that supports it somewhere.

There are plenty of apps out there for sports fans, covering results, upcoming matches, opinions, and analyses, but what about those of eSports fans? It is a growing industry, but there are far fewer apps you can download which will help you keep track of competitions.

There are some good ones though, and rightly so for an industry that is thriving worldwide. Business Insider suggests the eSports market is set to be worth $1.5bn by 2023, with more games and improved accessibility helping to drive viewers and competitors to record levels.

While there are around 234 million players on esports in 2021, there are also 240 million casual viewers, which is a huge number. Esports growth statistics show that the number of players will rise up to 286 million by 2024 with China having the largest community. This growth was due to the pandemic and lockdown and still continues.

Last year, whilst much of the world remained confined to their homes, eSports saw a surge in popularity, catapulting it into the realms of being a serious entertainment industry. Tournaments often draw significant viewing figures and have impressive prize funds, too. The Bwin guide to eSports in 2021 looks at the world’s top tournaments and claims that the Dota 2 prize fund is likely to top $40m, whilst League of Legends World Championships will have over $2m in prizes. The LoL showcase event is scheduled to start in September and should top 46m viewers, the figure it attracted in 2020.

Apps for ESports Fans

With such vast sums and interest in the tournaments, you may wish to download an app as a companion to your eSports viewing regime. Of course, there might not be as many as you can get for physical sports, but these three will undoubtedly help you keep track of what to watch, where to watch it and who to support.

eForce Esports

This is a new app, the newest on our list, but it is straightforward to use and has many options for the keen eSports fan. As soon as you start it up, you are greeted with a calendar displaying the day’s events, and you can scroll through upcoming days to see what is happening in the future, too.

In addition, there’s a section with the latest eSports news, so you never miss a team transfer or breaking story, and you can search by players or teams to see what they are scheduled to compete in. The only downside is the search function doesn’t allow you to browse by game, only by player or team.


To put it simply, if you wish to follow eSports, then you must download Twitch. It is the king of eSports apps, covering thousands of platforms and users, catering for eSports fans of every level. You can follow tournaments; individual players are even the streams of amateurs playing your favorite game.

It is simple to use and acts as your gateway to the world of live tournaments and the world’s top gamers streaming at home. If you are an eSports fan, then this should be the first app you download.


Upcomer is an emerging app with lots of potential, and it gets off to a great start by asking you to allocate your favorite games and teams. That means the news is tailored to you; your games are always prioritized over those you have not chosen. That means if you are a CS: GO fan, and have no interest in Dota 2, then your experience can be tweaked to ensure you see CS: GO over and above everything else. Upcomer has news, real-time scores and tournament updates, with its tournament system particularly impressive.

You can look back retrospectively on a tournament and see how past games played out, with your favorite teams highlighted for ease of use.

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