The best apps for iPhone, iPad, and Mac for the beginning of the school year.

Preparing for school in 2021 is not only about pens and notebooks, but also a number of useful apps.

A new school year is coming up, so on this occasion, Apple has selected the most useful programs for learning. Let’s skip the trivial FaceTime and go straight to the programs we need.

A simple and convenient way to create a meeting on any of your devices with up to 100 people. The ability to change the background, create open and closed chats, send files, links, and messages.

In addition, the app can be used to make phone calls and as an answering machine.

  • Microsoft Teams

This is a true teamwork center that allows you to combine everything you need: chat and conversations with multiple branches, virtual meetings, and video conferencing, calls, and collaboration.

In the program, you can manage a personal business, have conversations, create plans, and even share them.

Improve your Marks for Students

  • Loona

Want to improve your sleep after a hard day? It’s easy!

The popular Loona app will help you quickly get in the mood for a healthy sleep after a long and stressful day. It does not just sleep techniques, but rather an app that improves your emotional background and mood before bedtime.

Over 100 fascinating journeys to help you leave all your worries behind. We encourage you to see and experience everything for yourself.

  • Earth 3D. World Atlas

Interactive three-dimensional globe with world sights, political and physical maps, and weather.

The application contains a large number of fascinating facts and useful information about our planet. Relief model of the Earth, day and night change with city lights, starry sky, more than 2600 geographical objects, 500 world sights, and 2100 photos, 15x zoom, and many other fascinating features.

  • GeometryWork

The game starts with learning the basics, and as you go through it, it gets really exciting. An excellent app for developing logic and imagination.

GeometryWork has 13 sections consisting of more than 160 challenges, each one more challenging and more fun at the same time. While solving, you’ll discover new tools that make the constructions more lively and dynamic.

You can change inputs, move elements, and watch the drawing rebuild and transform as you go. This approach allows you to understand a rather complex subject more clearly, so it is not excluded that after using the application you won’t have to turn to essay help for good grades anymore.

  • Class Timetable

Handy timetable app suitable for students in schools, colleges, and universities.

The program will help not to be late for classes and extracurricular activities, as well as not to forget about homework. It allows you to make a schedule for several weeks in advance.

  • DuoLingo

A functional and easy-to-use foreign language learning app, with 34 hours with which is the equivalent of a whole semester at university!

Start with the simplest verbs and expressions and learn new words every day.

  • PhotoMath

Learn to solve math problems, check homework, and prepare for exams.

PhotoMath handles even differentiated equations and matrices with ease. The app also has a full course of basic math, algebra, and trigonometry.

Just point your device’s camera at an equation and everything’s ready.

  • Notability

A handy and functional notepad designed for efficient multimedia note-taking.

A powerful and surprisingly simple app will be a faithful assistant for taking notes, diaries, and drawing with the ability to use handwriting, working with text, and even sound. Take notes on imported and scanned documents and images.

Add photos, GIFs, and web pages to your notes, share them in presentation format. Among other things, it’s a great way to save paper and space. The app also features Face ID and Touch ID data protection.

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