The best Insurance apps for iPhone 6 and iPad for 2015.


You may be asking yourself, what could I possibly use an insurance app for? Chances are you won’t be using it to pay a bill since most people use the automatic payment option. And how often are you really going to tweak your coverage? Will you even remember you downloaded the app?

Claims are one area that an insurance app could greatly be of service. In fact, smartphone users can do almost all of the claims process right from their app. You can also use your phone to take pictures and shoot video right at the accident site, which can have a dramatic impact on claims management and fraud protection. Some insurance apps could even help score you discounts on your policy. The list contains the best Insurance apps for iPhone 6 and iPad.  While these apps supports the latest version of the iOS 8 as well. So you can download them on your iOS 8 devices either its iPhone, iPad etc you can have them installed on it.

Today we will bring a list of best and useful insurance apps for your iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus which can help you out finding the best insurance polices online. Th best thing is that these Insurance apps can be used in the United states and you can download  and install them on your iPhone 6.


GEICO’s is the most visible insurance app. The app is sleek and user-friendly. You can even convert the background to feature the famous Maxwell the Pig, Gecko or the GEICO logo. With GEICO’s app you can:

  • Access digital ID cards
  • Manage your policy
  • Chat with Lily – “your insurance voice assistance” (maybe she’s related to Siri?)
  • Access GEICO’s Accident Guide to help you record accident details and file a claim.

Download GEICO’s app from here


Progressive Art App

Progressive’s Art App gives users access to the company’s current art collections and learn about the contributing artists. The company says the set reflects its culture of innovation. The app allows to:

  • Zoom in for details.
  • Navigate pieces individually or create a slideshow.
  • Learn about the artists’ backgrounds.
  • Create your own gallery.
  • Share artwork with friends.

You can download this app here


MetLife Infinity App

The MetLife Infinity app allows users to create a digital legacy for family members and friends. You can create collections of photos, videos, and documents. These can be shared now or saved for a future date.

GoodRid  by Allstate

This app is designed specifically with motorcycle riders in mind. GoodRide by Allstate helps riders track their route, time and mileage for each ride. It also helps you prepare for trips so you can scout out gas ahead of time and check local weather. Allstate says on its website that the GoodRide app will soon feature a maintenance log so riders can keep track of every oil change and flat tire. You will even be able to set alarms for when service is due.


Guest author Chris Beck is a Content Producer/contributor for The blog, as well as a freelance writer in the insurance and tech space. Originally from Asheville, NC and a University of South Carolina Alum, Chris is an avid Gamecock sports follower. You can get this Insurance app for iPhone 6 from here

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