The Best of 2014: Top 10 Online Backup Services For Your Mac.


Whether you’re a big business or a lone student struggling to meet deadlines, data loss is a potentially disastrous setback that can mean the difference between success and failure. That’s why it’s important to back up the data on your Mac(s), and we’ve assembled this list of the top ten packages out there to help you do it.

Today we will let you know about the best online backup services for your Mac. These are the best 10 cloud services that are available for MAC os in 2014.

1- ZipCloud

ZipCloud comes with a huge storage capacity and secured encryption facilities, not to mention the means to associate as many devices as you want with your files. The only real downside is that you have to pay for support of external hard drives, and for each instance of recovering lost material. You can create an account on their site ZipCloud and get free space to backup your Mac data.

2- Backblaze

Again, this software boasts an unlimited storage capacity in conjunction with military grade encryption and a wealth of convenience features aimed at helping you secure your data efficiently. There is a monthly subscription fee of $5, but that’s nothing compared to what you stand to lose if the worst should happen.

The service is free but just for trial, later on you have to select a package and have to pay for the online space that Backblaze offers. All you have to do is sign up on the site and get registered.

3- Livedrive

This is a UK company’s offering of cloud-based storage, enabling you to store and view your data from any of your associated Macs or devices at high speed and in complete security. Again, there is a monthly subscription, but at £3 it’s another example of great value.


The services provided by Livedrive are paid so you better the right plan for your use.

4- Dropbox

This is a simple, intuitive program that will allow you to store and share up to 5GB of data completely free. What’s more, additional capacity is offered free of charge as an incentive for sharing the software with your friends and co-workers – great!

It is all time free service with extra features can be enabled if you agree to pay. This is my favorite online backup service as their servers are always up to the task and provide best download and upload data transfer speed.

5- Mozy

Mozy brings access to a vast amount of file storage, regular maintenance measures tailored to your convenience and a highly customizable interface. What’s more, it’s entirely free providing you sign up for a Mozy account, and you can access your data at anytime from anywhere in the world.

You can get registered with the site here.

6- Zip Cloud

Another piece of simple and incredibly intuitive software that allows you to store an unlimited amount of data via the Zip Cloud. It’s free, and you can sync as many additional devices as you want, meaning you’ll never be stuck without your data in the event of an emergency.

7- CrashPlan

Probably one of the most secure cloud based storage facilities available to date, CrashPlan encrypts your data as soon as it leaves your Mac, rendering it accessible only upon entering your unique 448-bit password. There’s also the option to enroll in long term protection contracts to help you save money.

8- OpenDrive

OpenDrive offers the ability to customize and schedule how your files are backed up in a manner simply not matched by any other service providers. There’s also a great deal of flexibility in terms of the pricing, helping you secure a deal that works best for your needs.

9- IDrive

IDrive allows you to quickly sync and share your data in a manner that ensures you can get it where it’s needed with minimal hassle. It also provides up to 5GB of storage for free, although unfortunately lacks a permanent / unlimited storage plan, which means you will have to update your privileges regularly.

10- Jungle Disk

Jungle Disk offers you the opportunity to choose between Amazon S3 and Rackspace cloud based storage, which, coupled with its 256-bit AES encryption means you can secure your data in the manner that suits you best. The only downside to this software is the slightly confusing pricing, so do your research before pressing ahead!

All of these developers offer great backup services for your Mac, so why not try them out and let us know what you think? There may be other alternatives out there you feel deserve a place on this list, so feel free to share details of them as well!

 Charlene Sampilo is a tech blogger of — a highly-informative website filled with nuggets of information on how to care and optimize the performance of your MAC.

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