The Best Smart Things of 2016 for your Home

The broad use of linear motors in home automation is making it easier to control smart home components such as TV lifts, lighting, and garage doors. Linear motors offers a platform whereby homeowners do not have to be exposed to the tiresome routine of having to move from one area to another to turn off and turn on home components. According to progressive automations, there a numerous products that can be controlled via an Android or IOS app such as GE, Belkin and Home Depot that have the power to transform homes into a smart push-button houses that can be monitored and controlled virtually from anywhere. The following are some of my favorite individual gadgets and home systems that adventurous homeowners can adopt.

Samsung SmartThings Hub

While there are various home automation systems on the market, I find the Samsung SmartThings Hub as one of the best systems in linking smart home devices. Fitted with a backup battery, it does not only function with a wide variety of gadgets, but Samsung integrates it with its 2016 4K TVs, ensuring that users do not have to plug another gadget into their router.


Designed with the revolutionary slick touchscreen interface, Ecobee3 ensures proper heating or cooling of all rooms in smart homes. It is compatible with Amazon Echo and Apple’s HomeKit. Ecobee3’s performance is exemplary since unlike other devices that regulate temperature for only one room, it can control temperature for the all the rooms in a smart house.

Nest Protect Smoke + CO2 is a $35 alarm gadget that can be plugged into an existing CO2 or smoke detector turning it to a smart device. If the alarm goes off it alerts you via your smartphone allowing you to either silence the alarm or call the police.


SmartCode 916’s unique sleek design makes it more appealing than other locks. Its futuristic Kwikset’s SecureScreen attribute ensures that third parties cannot guess users password. It is also equipped with an alarm and thus, preventing breaking ins. The SmartCode can be connected to various smart home hubs through ZigBee or Z-wave.

Chamberlain MyQ Garage

Opening your garage door manually can be awkward and tidiness. Chamberlain’s garage opener allows you to open your garage remotely from virtually anywhere. Plans are underway to add geofencing features so that the door can sense and open when the user is in the driveway.

Belkin WeMo Smart Slow Cooker

Belkin’s Crock-Pot is the first slow cooker controlled by smartphones. Using Android app or WeMo iOS one can adjust its setting from anywhere, regulate temperature, calculate cook time, receive reminders and check cooking progress so that one can come home and find a well-prepared meal.

Stack Alba

Stack’s Alba Best light bulbs are designed to react based on your location in the house. Fitted with motion sensors, they can detect motion and turn on and off regarding the room you move into your smart home.

Sleep Number it Bed

Sleep Number It Bed, has embedded sensors that track one’s breathing, movement, and heart rate. Its SleepIQ app offers suggestions such bed firmness and bed times. Linked with health apps such as Thermostats and Fitbits, it customizes sleeping patterns and environment.

Samsung Family Hub Refrigerator

Samsung Family Hub is a large refrigerator that allows its user to view family meal schedules, order groceries, leave notes, play music, and watch TV.  Fitted with cameras, it takes picture and emails them each time users close the door.

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