The Effects of Online Games on a Gamer’s Well-Being.

For long-time gamers, you’ve probably been told stories on how online gaming can be addictive, unproductive, and lead to some health problems. But are all of those true? No, they are not, but good luck convincing your parents about them.

For now, let’s focus on how gaming helps you and your well-being, and maybe at the end of this post, you can share this article with mom and dad.


There are dozens of online games, and particularly massively multiplayer games like World of Warcraft, Old School RuneScape, Valorant, Final Fantasy, and more, that allow gamers to communicate with each other.

There have been several lifelong friendships that have been formed by just being teammates or enemies in an online game. During this current pandemic, gamers are enjoying a healthy dose of socialization, while those people not playing games are struggling with someone to interact with.

Online Gamers Well-being

These so-called toxic online games can also teach people valuable interpersonal skills through collaboration and cooperation. One of our favorite online games called RuneScape even involves some problem-solving elements.

For example, in Gielinor, the RuneScape world, it often the full cooperation of each team member to successfully finish raids or OSRS quests. Each player needs to know their role and work together to complete each wave or level and you also have to consider the different bosses with their abilities.

After some time, some members realize what they need to do to complete the team’s mission and what weapons and OSRS items to use that can give them an edge in the fight. This is all made possible through teamwork, with each player bringing something unique to the table.

The good news is for those struggling to get through their current quests without the gear they need, you can buy OSRS GP or buy OSRS items online through Probemas.

When you consider everything, gaming is a fun social activity for most people. A study even found out that only 17% of players want to play their games alone.

Mental Health

As a form of entertainment, online games have a vital role in the mental health of many people all over the world. After a hard day’s work or a stressful school day, many just want to unwind with a relaxing game where they can shoot or kill randomly or explore different regions in their chosen game.

Recent studies have shown that playing online games have a positive impact on a person’s wellbeing. Past studies have focused on gaming’s negatives like how it is linked to aggression. Some studies were started to try and find connections between gaming and aggression.

The main problem with that is if you only look for gaming’s negative effect, then you will only find the bad side of it. The good thing about this is that newer studies have a more balanced take and are now researching gaming and its overall effects on health. The fact that most people today are gamers helped fund more studies like those.

What most of these newer studies found is that gamers have better emotional stability than those who don’t play. Also, it helps reduce emotional disturbances in children. Many experts are now suggesting that playing online games can be a great way to reduce a person’s stress level.

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