The fingerprint sensors could wipe out the start buttons on our smartphones


The South Korean company Crucialtec is one of the most important in the field of technology with which fingerprint sensors work, and now just get a patent which describes a sensor that is integrated with touch screen devices mobile.

It was rumored that this feature could be part of the latest Samsung Galaxy family of devices, but ultimately did not. That may not matter because if the development demonstrates what promises could replace the home button which is used in the vast majority of smartphones and mobile platforms in the market.


This technology would make it unnecessary to use this type of start buttons on the bottom of the terminal and would earn a living space to make even more compact these products have been affected by the trend in increasing its diagonals. Apple itself is to some extent prejudiced: although its Touch ID sensor technology works outstandingly, the symmetry in the design of its terminals requires that they are noticeably bulkier than its rivals.

Having a terminal with a screen on which directly put our finger to authenticate and go to the Home screen might be therefore one of the novelties of future smartphones. Apple already posted a similar technology a few days ago , so it may Cupertino may see developments in this regard.

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