The first and the Only page on Facebook that have been Liked by over 100 Million Users.

“Facebook For Every Phone” is the page that first ever Touched the 100 Million Likes mark in the history of Facebook. The Official Facebook page has been the leader for some time with over 68 Million Likes, and Texas HoldEm Poker with over 61 Million Likes was on same note.

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If you are among those  700+ Million Facebook users who didn’t liked it yet, Here is the Link For you .

The List of 30 Most Liked Pages on Facebook is:

#NameTotal Likes People Talking AboutDaily GrowthWeekly Growth
1  Facebook for Every Phone101,142,2102,933,206+425,818+2,807,239
2  Facebook68,410,337380,935+39,963+296,977
3  Texas HoldEm Poker61,933,013424,531+47,123+383,300
4  YouTube59,307,034363,259+38,102+300,945
5  Eminem58,563,933400,471+36,370+267,710
6  Rihanna57,652,139717,634+42,417+311,733
7  The Simpsons52,177,014368,439+37,723+294,523
8  Lady Gaga52,071,937868,233+29,202+190,341
9  Shakira51,729,727324,241+27,714+223,958
10  Michael Jackson49,932,250405,506+24,679+205,285
11  Harry Potter47,643,507521,387+29,193+254,412
12  Family Guy46,376,135325,410+30,675+221,367
13  Cristiano Ronaldo45,415,883975,734+47,804+308,257
14  Justin Bieber44,485,318795,666+21,603+240,992
15  Katy Perry44,123,371500,336+29,043+222,217
16  Linkin Park43,088,497474,094+25,957+202,260
17  Coca-Cola42,735,087367,701+36,404+207,353
18  South Park40,724,736318,836+14,112+125,035
19  AKON40,309,134272,027+22,384+181,757
20  Bob Marley38,991,171735,058+16,845+125,556
21  Lil Wayne38,828,8641,140,922+30,898+196,438
22  FarmVille38,603,08272,832-2,986-4,017
23  Beyoncé36,716,269273,862+27,856+213,478
24  Leo Messi36,649,786358,913+20,463+156,677
25  Disney36,554,932586,851+22,111+171,145
26  SpongeBob SquarePants35,436,422494,282+17,591+149,317
27  MTV35,079,058469,027+23,395+169,442
28  Megan Fox35,003,468166,490+17,490+141,989
29  The Twilight Saga34,142,4731,110,618+14,099+104,734
30  Avril Lavigne34,053,154237,427+20,872+175,380

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