The Luxury versions of Galaxy S4, iPhone 5 and BlackBerry Q-10.

Many of  might love to look fancy in your daily life, you might love to use expensive stuff because you can, same does the companies do think when they come up the luxury variants of their products for people who love to be look luxurious in normal stuff. The giant mobile manufacturers like Apple, Samsung and BlackBerry also have their top notch products made with precious gem stones and covered with gold waters for their fancy stuff loving customers.

First we will discuss this iPhone 5 which is loaded with Gold and Diamonds. The company launched this version of Luxury smartphone with some additional efforts and by using some precious gem stones.  The device are named as Gold Superstar which has 200 grams of 18-carat gold mounted all over the device. While the other Gold Superstar Ice has that 364 pure diamonds studded on the sides of the phone. The Gold Superstar costs around $190,000 while the other Gold Superstar Ice has a price tag of $250,000.  Both devices available in  special boxes with some certificates and authenticity for their customers.  The box contains all the main accessories in new luxurious design, including Hand-free, USB cable and the charger. 

Manufacturers at Samsung also made something precious for its customers. The Samsung Galaxy S4 with the gold plated side bar also made its way to the market. The new device looks quite luxurious as compared to overall Samsung polices of using lighter and cheaper materials in making of it’s high-end phones. However there isn’t much effort applied in working on minor details of the device. So it’s price is also quite low as compared to gold plated Apple smartphone. The price tag for this gold covered Samsung Galaxy S4 is $5,500.

The other precious and luxurious device in this category is the BlackBerry’s Q-10 smartphone which is also covered with the pure 24-carat Gold and comes in a fancy wooden box. Beside all this the price tag of the device is quite low which is $4,900. The BlackBerry Q-10 gold can be purchased on particular high valued stores.

If you want these exquisite smartphones than you should get ready for pocket full of bucks. 

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