The next big Apple project is an electric car, according to WSJ


Curiosa information that has emerged throughout the day pointed to Apple is working on the design of their own car , all arose from hiring people with experience in the automotive world, among which are the responsible for research and development at Mercedes-Benz.

It was all rumors as commonly occurs in the Apple world, but a few moments ago WSJ just drop the bomb to publish the information of the car and the recruitment of Johann Jungwirth Mercedes-Benz is true, even more details are mentioned that aim it will be electric and will seek to compete with Tesla developments.


The information refers to Apple currently has about 1,000 people working in what so far is called Project Titan , a kind of all-electric minivan and it would be Apple’s entry to the automotive world.

Tim Cook would have approved the project more than a year putting in front of the computer than 1000 people from various departments at Apple, and Steve Zadesky , vice president of design at Apple, and who was part of Ford for some time as an engineer.

The project is still at a very early stage of development , there is even talk of years for this car sees the light, what is interesting is the point of comparison against Tesla, which becomes more relevant information theft of talent between the two companies , as well as a possible alliance , which does not know what direction you are taking now.

Of course until no confirmation can not guarantee anything, but several sources ensure information transfer, tours assembly plants and manufacturers of car parts, tells us that something big is coming.

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