The Next Huawei Smartphone Ascend P6S is coming in Octa-core chip


The Chinese Smartphone manufacturer Huawei is one best company of the World with best looking smartphones. Now Huawei is going to upgrade its Smartphone in its next Smartphone lineup. The Company president confirmed that they are preparing to release a upgraded Smartphone named as Ascend P6S with featuring a new chipset with an octa-core CPU. The Xu Xin Quan Company’s president delivered this news by the Weibo blogging platform.

The smartphone will have a true-Octa core processor, which means all cores will be able to operate simultaneously. While you may know that Samsung Exynos chipset is currently available in a few devices which allow up to four cores to work at a time. The Huawei devices was dependent on quad-core K3V2 processor before it, which is latest processor of current time. The K3V2 is still strong and still powering plenty of Huawei devices but still in need of an update. The Ascend P6S will be first smartphone coming to replace the K3V2 on the Company’s products in future.

Huawei Ascend PS6

The specs of Ascend P6S other than octa-core are not yet mentioned by Huawei. Huawei get the earns heavy revenue with numerous products and more customers only from China.

You should also know that Huawei has also announced that their P6 device will get KitKat update by the January 2014.

Source: GSMArena.

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