The Nokia Lumia 625 with some Remarkable Features


The Nokia recently released their largest display Android device “lumia 625“. Which is lagging behind rivals like Apple and Samsung in the smartphone market has Priced the Lumia 625 at $342.50 in US and £179.99 at UK.

Nokia Lumia 625 has a five megapixel snapper without Carl Weiss optics or anything too fancy but that is fine for taking everyday shots, plus it has a flash and the benefit of Nokia’s smart Camera app, which can be used for producing neat action shots. It has also a front Camera with a VGA quality. Although Nokia Lumia 625’s camera is perfectly acceptable for social networks and digital sharing. Nokia Lumia 625 contain 1.2 GHz Snapdragon CPU which ensures that the Lumia 625 can handles any apps, media or games you throw at it. It contain 512MB RAM with 8GB of internal storage which can be increased with Micro SD Slot. There’s no NFC support but its a great to get 4G at this Price.

The Nokia Lumia 625 looks a bit like over-sized Lumia 620. It has a large 4.7 inch super sensitive LCD screen designed with (480 x 800 pixel display) for entertainment experience with the added impetus of an exclusive video content app offering access to a rich cache of over 3000 movies for streaming and downloading. The another service such as Music and Drive have also been included by Nokia.


Nokia Lumia is available in Multiple colors i.e. green, yellow black and white and staple red. The Lumia 625 also features the same battery cover as the Lumia 620, it has a plastic shell that covers the rear and slides of the phone. It also shares the dual layer finish style and the outer part of the plastic shell is partly transparent. 

Although Nokia Lumia 625 may not capable to compete for the best Windows Phone title but the low cost is the biggest title with its large display. So, it succeeded in this regard. And like original Phone devices, the Lumia 625 is responsive and with no lag or performance issues.


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