The Person behind iPhone 6 & iPhone 6 Plus Leaked info has been arrested.


When the iPhone keynote was taking place, we at axeetech were quite sure about the design and the specs sheet even before they get announced on the podium. Because the sources behind the mass leaked info and images are quite credible ones in the market. But how did they get all the info who was the whistle blower behind this whole secrete unavailing campaign.

It is no more suspense for now as the man behind the whole scenario has been arrested by the police. He was an employee of the Foxconn, the venue were mass production of the iPhone took place. The company has thousands of workers working on Apple products right now. So it is quite hard to keep it info leak proof. Although Apple was quite good at it since iPhone 4 launch but afterwards every phone they released have leaked info and images on the web even before the announcements dates get set.

The whole story behind the arrest of the leaker as described by te WSJ, The man who supplied the info and images was requested by the demanding party to give them solid proof of what he is claiming is right or not. The man started to steal the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus shells and sold each of the for $960 to different parties to solidifies its leaked infos.

This does happen months before the announcements dates. But some how authorities at Foxconn came to know about the missing shells in their final counting. Then the local police and the Foxconn private security team starts investigating the whole scenario and finally tracked the theif successfully.


The man is described as in custody of police and soon will be thrown to jail. There are reports that he might face over 100K dollars fine for breaking the company rules.

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